Functional purpose:

  • improving process quality indicators, increasing the reliability of equipment operation, reducing the cost of energy, materials, and resources;
  • automatic control of process parameters;
  • automatic, remote and software control of actuators;
  • process state analysis, identification of pre-emergency situations and prevention of accidents by transferring process units to a safe state, both in automatic mode and on by operational personnel in accordance with the emergency response plan;
  • archiving all system parameters and events;
  • improving environmental performance;
  • data exchange with adjacent and higher-level control systems (ERP, MES, energy management system).
  • the connectivity between the automated process control system level and the ERP, MES, and energy management system allows for greater transparency in production by efficiently collecting, archiving, compressing, analyzing, and distributing production data. Data exchange allows for processing and interlinking multiple productions, and analyzing parameters such as key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • different levels of password protection allow for flexible access to various system functions. Access to important parameters and settings is allowed only to specially trained engineering personnel with personal passwords. Measured values and messages in the process database are recorded with the date and time stamp;
  • full management and monitoring via web access enables to display, manage, and access archives on web clients, just like in case with regular operator stations.

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