Protection device is used for installation both in existing and new (modernized) substations having voltage class of 110 220 kV and complies with all the requirements to modern relay protection and automatic equipment.

  • Cost-effective solution applicable for all kinds of protection of 110 220 kV lines made using standard components for industrial automation independent of specific manufacturer.
  • Different options of terminal hardware in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Flexible and user-friendly software of terminal for activities on all the stages of process chain "production-design-operation", compliance with IEC 61850, verified by certified laboratory DNV GL (KEMA)
  • Informative and developed human-machine interface of the terminal based on touch-enabled LCD with possibility to be adjusted according to the customer requirements
  • Sufficient number of digital inputs and relay outputs (expandable in case of the complex circuits) required for implementation of function of protection, automation, and connection management
  • Cybersecurity of terminal due to usage of trusted hardware/software platform, the key components of which have been developed in Russia with use of import-substituting components (implementation using hardware platform MCST ("ELBRUS").

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